What is Zunos?

Zunos is a Training and Enablement platform.

Build learning experiences your people will love, that can be accessed anytime, on any device. When people enjoy learning, they retain information better, and they come back for more.

3 reasons why Zunos:

  • Drive engagement where LMS platforms fail to achieve adoption.
  • Deliver effective learning at scale, generate real business results.
  • Deploy faster and cheaper, up and running within 2 weeks.

1. Build a program

Upload the material you already have. Gather up content that exists on the web. Create new content by pushing a few buttons. No technical expertise needed, and you can guarantee it will all look great.

  • Create: Interactive Pages, Quizzes, Practice Assignments and Assessments.
  • Upload: Videos, PDFs, HTML exports, and more.
  • Curate: YouTube, TED Talks, Your website, anything on the web.
  • Link: Google Docs, Quips, Wiki, deeplink to any SaaS system with a URL.

2. Deliver an amazing experience

Digital learning and instructor-led training are critical elements of any program. Combine in-person and online experiences in order to provide training your learners will love, reduce cost, improve learning effectiveness, and keep pace with change.

  • Micro-Learning: Create courses that people can digest one step at a time.
  • Instructor Led: Bring people together virtually or in person for classroom learning.
  • On Demand: Leave them with libraries of content to search when they need the knowledge.
  • Any Device: Make your program available on mobile or desktop, online or offline.

3. Make it engaging

Fighting for your audience's attention is a constant challenge, engaging content only goes so far. Bringing a program to life takes a combination of three elements: Gamification, Communication, and Personalization.

  • Gamify: Upgrade your training programs with points, leaderboards, achievements, and rewards.
  • Social: Promote communications through email, messages, and forums channels.
  • Status: Have learner's display their Achievements with badges earned.
  • Customize: Keep people in the know with App Dashboards that are personal to the learner and update in real time.

Who is Zunos for?

Zunos was built for people operation teams, deployed by L&D, Marketing, Sales, Service, or HR.



General responsibilities for onboarding, product or service training and policy awareness will fall onto one person in HR or Operations who have multiple other tasks to perform.

For this person, using Zunos gives them a simple way to be self-sufficient in creating mobile first training documentation, and knowledge checks.

Before: Usually this person is doing all the training themselves, face-to-face, and may have substitute systems like spreadhseets or paper-base documentation for training.

Primary Business Outcomes:

  • Confidence that the staff have a consistent level of training.
  • More time back in their day.
  • Less stress having to coordinate various audiences and locations.
  • Empower other management team members who can act as guides through the training process.

Primary User Outcomes:

  • Staff have a library of documentation to reference in the field.
  • Training is targeted to individual roles, and can be self-paced as part of a learning path.
  • Training can be done on any device.
  • Training experience is designed to be consumer grade.
  • Staff enjoy the competitive elements of engagement.


Zunos is bought by a department for running specific distance learning projects or programs.

The programs have large scale challenges deploying training to a dispersed audience in an engaging manner. Multiple languages, time zones, learner segments and blended program elements compound that challenge.

Before: The team responsible for this program is often resource constrained, with various skills sets available but often not highly technical. Value is placed on solutions that let them scale themselves efficiently while providing a highly effective learning experience for their audience.

Primary Business Outcomes:

  • Deliver a blended distance learning program.
  • Go mobile first for self-paced learning paths.
  • Virtual instructor led for synchronous training.
  • Operate at scale with a small team.
  • Allow team to be more strategic.
  • Operate without the need for specialist consultants.

Primary User Outcomes:

  • Engage with learning on any device, any time, anywhere.
  • Consume learning in small, digestible pieces.
  • Join live training sessions virtually, from any mobile device or desktop.
  • Experience a continuous learning journey from classroom through to e-learning.
  • Enjoy the learning experience.

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Pricing & Plans

Zunos has a simple pricing structure:

  • Plan fee + Audience size fee = Total cost
  • Billed Annually in advance on a recurring basis.

3 plans, for SME to Enterprise:

Plan Positioning

Ideal for team training.

✔ Self-paced micro-learning
✔ Messaging
✔ Gamification
✔ Mobile & Web apps

Great for blended distance learning.

Everything in standard, plus:
✔ Event management for VILT and ILT scheduling, registration, and attendance tracking
✔ Powerful audience segmentation tools
✔ Automated user on-boarding workflows
✔ Role based Admin access
✔ Digital forms & forums

Perfect for scaling any program.

Everything in Pro, plus:
✔ Dynamic learner dashboard
✔ Multi-language program design
✔ Multi-region
✔ Custom integrations
✔ Custom SLAs

All plans have:

  • Content creation tools.
  • Video upload features.
  • Course builders
  • Reporting.
  • User management & group segmentation.
  • Self managed custom branding features.

More details: www.zunos.com/pricing

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Does Zunos have an authoring tool built into the system?
  • Yes, Zunos has multiple content authoring tools.
  • Content. This allows lessons or training documentation to be authored in a mobile first, responsive format.
  • Quizzes. Knowledge checks, quizzes, and assessments
  • Worksheets: Short and long-form text-based assessments, requiring review and approval.
  • Courses. Micro-learning courses built with a simple drag and drop interfaces.
How does the reporting tool work in Zunos?
  • Every user activity in Zunos is tracked and measurable.
  • Overall Engagement, Content views, Quiz performance, Course completion, Achievement completion, Event registration, Event Attendance, Message delivery and read status and much more.
  • Reports can be scheduled, recurrent, and exportable to Excel.
Does Zunos accept training modules developed in other authoring tools?
  • Yes. All content exported from 3rd party authoring tools in HTML format are supported in Zunos.
  • All cloud-based content with a public URL is also supported.
How does assessment reporting work if we use other authoring tools?
  • Reporting would be attempted vs not-attempted.
  • 3rd Party content can be followed by a knowledge check designed in Zunos.
What kind of multimedia formats does Zunos support?
  • Create: Interactive Pages, Quizzes, Practice Assignments and Assessments.
  • Upload: Videos, PDFs, HTML exports, and more.
  • Curate: YouTube, TED Talks, Your website, anything on the web.
  • Link: Google Docs, Quips, Wiki, deep-link to any SaaS system with a URL.
Is Zunos supported on different devices (Desktop, iOS, Android, Windows etc)
  • Mobile Apps: iOS (iPhone & iPad) & Android devices
  • Desktop & Laptop: our web app is compatible with all modern web browsers
What happens to training records for a user if that user leaves the company?
  • User records are archived for reporting purposes. Zunos only counts ‘activated’ users towards the subscription usage.

User Admin

Will each user need to have an individual login to access Zunos?
  • Yes. Email used as the preferred Username.
How do we manage users who leave?
  • Users can be deactivated (archived) based on inactivity after a certain period.
  • Managers can be granted restricted access to remove users from their own teams.
Can we automate user onboarding?
  • Zunos allows for custom web pages to be set up as 'Public Registration Portals'.
  • Custom fields can be incorporated into the registration process and captured at sign up.
  • Filters can be applied to the form that will whitelist specific email address domains.
What are the levels of admin users?
  • Org Admin: Full access to all features and permissions
  • Basic Admin: Features restricted in the admin portal and filtered content access.


Do you have a user guide?
  • Resources and documentation can be found on our Help site
Do you have a support team?
  • Absolutely, we're based in San Francisco & Sydney.
  • Live chat and email support is available to all customers.
  • Webinar and feature training can be made available on request.

Have more questions? Get in touch, we would love to answer them for you.

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