Communicate knowledge

Prepare your people with the knowledge and training they need to begin and continue their job successfully.

Employee turnover is expensive. When you hire new team members, starting them off on the right foot is crucial. Make sure their initial impression of your company is strong by creating a seamless onboarding experience and delivering top-notch training that will have them excited about learning more.

Zunos streamlines the onboarding process by simplifying and automating time-consuming forms and paperwork. Then Zunos launches your new employee training by communicating knowledge in bite-sized pieces that people will retain and use. Our platform allows managers to get a real-time view of how their new employees are progressing through their education, and how well they are understanding the new information.



Streamline onboarding with forms

Take the paper out of paperwork by allowing your new employees to fill out all the necessary forms on their device. All information is stored securely and can be recalled at any time.

Train with engaging content

Create and distribute knowledge and information in bite-sized pieces of content delivered to your employee’s device. Ditch black and white paperwork and long PDFs for interactive, engaging content that is easy to understand and retain.

Quiz your people to see progress

Track your staff’s understanding of new materials and information through short quizzes. With a quick glance, find areas where people are excelling and areas where they are struggling so the education you deliver can be adjusted accordingly.

Help new employees collaborate through forums

Give your new team members access to the knowledge of their colleagues through organized forums. This is a safe place where people can engage in meaningful conversation, help each other learn and understand, and where questions can be answered quickly.

Continue education always

Learning should never cease on the job, so Zunos does not stop after a person’s initial training. Continue to push new information and knowledge to your people as it becomes available. Even your most seasoned veterans need to be up to date with changes on products, policies and processes.

Automate communications and learning

Schedule targeted content to reach your people when they need it. Individuals will be notified through email and/or push notifications when new information requires their attention. That information is automatically prioritized for the user so they know how to manage their time.

Motivate people to improve

Zunos gamified platform allows your staff to engage in friendly competition with themselves and each other. Each time they interact with a piece of content, take a quiz, participate in forums or fill out a form, they are rewarded. Admins can offer virtual badges or physical rewards to individuals for navigating through guided learning pathways. Peers will watch each other climb Leaderboards and aim to do better themselves.

Align your staff together and apart

Zunos allows each individual to move through content and achievements when time allows in their own schedule. Leaderboards will show how each person is stacking up next to their peers, encouraging everyone to keep up to date.

Whether your teams are all in one building or spread out in different locations, they can all stay aligned.

Listen to your employees

Gather data and feedback from your people with Zunos surveys. Continue to improve your content and training by listening to what is and is not resonating with your employees, so you can make the process better for the next person.

Who's it For?

Onboard and train your employees to provide the best launching point for them to succeed.

Built for HR officials, medium and large enterprises, and companies with dispersed workforces.

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