Drive solution selling transformation

Zunos enables telecom providers to sell new bundled cloud-services applications with traditional products and deliver new solutions to market at increased value for customers. As mobile devices and cloud services proliferate, telecom providers need to deliver compelling business solutions to drive customer and revenue growth. To achieve this, Telecom sales channels must quickly master the art of solution selling conversations in this next frontier for the industry. Telecom leaders around the world are turning to Zunos to help drive this transformation.



Streamline channel communications

Zunos integrates with your content management and other systems to aggregate and curate of solution capability content. It then allows for streamlined program development and deployment. You'll be delivering compelling content to your sales teams when they're brought together around events or when they're apart, and you'll do this in no time, all from a single platform. This puts your sales leadership and capability teams in the driving seat, in the fast lane.

Go big, go anywhere, fast

Zunos lets you communicate with and enable your sales teams across the Web or on mobile, with localized channel capability content in any geographical region and in multiple languages. You can adapt your content to the different needs of your sale channel tiers and partner capabilities by automating delivery of the most relevant content to the most appropriate teams as and when required, wherever they are. With Zunos, you have a platform to scale your sales channels, allowing you to drive new business anywhere your markets take you.

Capture lifetime customers

Successful telecom companies understand that their businesses hinge on earning customer loyalty in the long run. The clearest way to do that is to deliver adaptive solutions that meet your customers evolving requirements. And the smartest way to do that is to reach and enable your sales channels with Zunos by continuously building the knowledge and skills required for them to confidently showcase your new solutions for maximum customer adoption and retention.

Be on your best GAME

It's the first step to grow your business and acquire new customers. Its tough in an industry where traditional products are being commoditized and pricing compressed. Zunos is a new way of rapidly and consistently empowering your sales teams and partners to have the best consultative conversations with customers to drive solution sales. Zunos lets you dynamically manage, update and adapt capability content as new solutions are launched and new sales and partner teams are on-boarded. Your sales channels will communicate your true value proposition, matched to exactly what your customers are looking for.

Listen, learn and improve

You can also listen and learn from your sales and partner teams by using surveys, forms and forums on Zunos to gather actionable feedback about markets, solutions and customers. This can be used to improve future capability programs, develop advanced solutions and build customer loyalty.

Obtain actionable insights to scale performance

Succeeding in rapidly evolving telecom markets depends on effective go-to-market strategies that require building the best sales teams and scaling your channel. Adaptively learning about your sales channel's capabilities and performance over time will help achieve customer success. Zunos gives you robust analytics and reporting tools that offer a complete view across your communications and learning programs allowing you to surface and action improvements in your sales channels.

Who's it for?

Bring new solutions to market by rapidly enabling sales channels

Built for Telecom sales chiefs, channel commanders, learning and development, and capability program ninjas.

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