Directors and managers of internal communications need to give employees the ability to communicate vertically, collaborate with their colleagues, and engage with information that will make them better at their jobs. Zunos helps even the largest global enterprises quickly reach, align and empower their teams no matter where they are in the world.



Deliver information in bite-sized pieces

Mass emails and long PDFs are not very effective in getting information across. Zunos helps companies divide content up into bite-sized pieces and distribute that content out to the people who can benefit from it. Whether it’s training materials, company updates or new product information, employees get information packaged in a way that is pleasing to look at and interesting to interact with.

Track employee progress

Getting information out is one thing. Understanding its effectiveness is another. Zunos lets managers see how employees are connecting with the information they distribute. If something isn’t resonating with your staff, it will be easy to tell through things like quiz scores and surveys. The sooner a problem becomes evident, the quicker it can be fixed.

Communicate vertically

Information does not just flow one way. Zunos gives managers the ability to communicate directly with their employees, and gives employees a direct line of communication back to their manager. It doesn’t matter if people are working from home, from the office or around the world, communication and collaboration can take place anywhere.

Put employee feedback to work

Leaders can lead better if they understand their employees’ wants and needs. Employees perform better when they are equipped with the tools and information they need to do their job. Too often, vertical communication only trickles down from the top. Zunos allows organizations to distribute short, meaningful surveys to their staff to understand where pain points are and how they can be addressed.

Collaborate horizontally

People need to be able to communicate effectively between departments and teams. Zunos provides forum space for individuals to share knowledge and learn from one another.

Make learning interesting

User-interface and design are key in getting people to notice your material. Too often employees are presented with bulky and complicated tools intended to make their jobs easier, but actually does the opposite. Zunos is easy for users to navigate and is built to work the same on any device. It's a platform that encourages content to be creative and interactive so that people want to use it.

Drive overall engagement

Zunos is a “team sport” where individuals can thrive. The gamified platform encourages people to keep pace with the people around them, to out-perform themselves and push each other to succeed. Content delivered through internal communications frequently gets pushed to the bottom of email inboxes. When there are awards on the table and eyes watching, people are much more pro-active about staying up to date with the content pushed out to them.

Who's it for?

Built for Directors/Managers/Coordinators of Internal Communication, employee communication and training.

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