Align healthcare teams

Align healthcare teams with knowledge and training that helps them succeed without compromising their time.

Medical professionals have demanding schedules with barely enough time to tend to their patients. They face the task of staying compliant and educated of new technology, policies and procedures. Breaks are few and far between, and time sitting at a desk is minimal. Your people are emotionally tapped after long days on their feet taking care of patients who need them desperately.

Zunos helps deliver much needed knowledge, training and education in small pieces even the busiest professionals can fit into their schedule. Education happens through engaging content over mobile-first technology rather than in intimidating piles of black and white paperwork.



Deliver dynamic education

Create and distribute knowledge and information in bite-sized pieces of content through the Zunos app. Ditch black and white paperwork and long PDFs for interactive, engaging content that will resonate with your staff.

Keep your staff compliant

Distribute necessary forms and information that will ensure your staff is staying up to date with new technology, policies and procedures. Instead of chasing down individuals to take the necessary steps toward compliance, let Zunos track them down for you through automated reminders and incentives through Achievements. Use interesting content to deliver new information so that achieving compliance becomes more meaningful, rather than just a check mark in a box.

Quiz your people to see progress

Track your staff’s understanding of new materials and information through short quizzes. With a quick glance, find areas where people are excelling and areas where they are struggling so the education you deliver can be adjusted accordingly.

Encourage collaboration

Help your teams learn from one another by encouraging them to collaborate through Zunos’ forums. This is a safe place where people can engage in meaningful conversation, help each other learn and understand, and where questions can be answered quickly.

Align your staff together and apart

Move your people forward as a team, but at their own individual pace. Zunos allows each individual to move through content and achievements when time allows in their own schedule. Leaderboards will show how each individual is stacking up next to their peers, encouraging everyone to keep up to date. Whether your teams are all in one building or spread out in different locations, they can all stay aligned.

Automate communications and learning

Administrators’ time is also valuable. Let Zunos automate your content delivery so you don’t have to. Through Zunos, individuals can be notified through email and/or push notifications when new information requires their attention. Receive regular, automated reports to get a bird’s eye view of how your teams are excelling, and find pain points before they become problems in the real world. Zunos offers a robust analytics and reporting suite that measures engagement, achievement and other key metrics to deliver actionable insights.

Listen to what your staff needs

Gather data and feedback from your teams with Zunos surveys and forms. Your front lines will recognize problems in the field before you do. Encourage communication back up the ladder by giving employees the opportunity to respond thoughtfully, but in a format that does not take much time out of their already busy schedules.

Motivate people to improve

Zunos’ gamified platform allows your staff to engage in friendly competition with themselves and each other. Each time they interact with a piece of content, take a quiz, participate in forums or fill out a form, they are rewarded. Admins can offer virtual badges or physical rewards to individuals for navigating through guided learning pathways. Peers will watch each other climb Leaderboards and aim to do better themselves.

Who's it for?

Align your healthcare teams, keep them compliant, and motivate them to continue improving.

Built for hospital/clinic/senior living administrators, home health business owners, med school administrators.

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