Customers rely on franchise brands to be consistent with their goods and services no matter where they are in the world. Zunos helps franchises distribute knowledge and training in a way that is easy for each person in the business to absorb and put to use for the consumer. We help companies keep their brand identity intact as information moves through their dispersed workforce.



Create Beautiful Content without Technical Expertise

Create training materials, product updates, documents, newsletters, invitations and more with drag and drop templates. Administrators do not need advanced technical training to produce content that looks clean, professional and interesting. Distribute content internally so that every employee is updated in a timely matter with content they will retain and remember.

Ditch Corporate Email

Reach your people without having to go through corporate email. Send updates straight to your teams' mobile devices and alert them to new information via push notification or in-app message. Zunos helps you easily target information to the people who need to see it. No more filling up inboxes with long email chains that only apply to a few. When your people receive a notification, they will be confident it is important.

Deliver Information in Bite-sized Pieces

Learning happens best when information is delivered in bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest and retain. Don't overwhelm your people with too much information at once, use Zunos to communicate knowledge that sticks.

Organize and Distribute Content your Way

Create reference libraries of content that your people can call up from any computer or mobile device, anytime. Organize your audiences in parent/child structure throughout your franchise so information can flow to the right audiences at the right time.

Retain Brand Integrity

When knowledge and information have to travel from one layer of a company to the next, it often gets diluted or misinterpreted. Get control of your content by making sure everyone gets the same updates and information when they need it, so each member of your team can relay the right brand message to the customer.

Track Employee Progress

Getting information out is one thing. Understanding its effectiveness is another. Zunos lets managers see how employees are connecting with the information they distribute. If something isn’t resonating with your staff, it will be easy to tell through things like quiz scores and surveys. The sooner a problem becomes evident, the quicker it can be fixed.

Put Employee Feedback to Work

Too often, vertical communication only trickles down from the top. Zunos allows organizations to distribute short, meaningful surveys to their staff to understand where pain points are and how they can be addressed.

Make Learning Engaging

Zunos is a gamified platform that promotes friendly competition between colleagues. Your people will want to return every day to see how they can continue to improve, move up the Leaderboard and reach achievements.

Plan Events

Organize events through Zunos that will bring your team together in person or virtually for the common purpose of learning and furthering your brand. Schedule sessions, track attendance, distribute information and deliver awards straight from the app.

Who's it For?

Built for franchises of all sizes, verticals and specialties.

Align your franchisees, educate everyone who touches your brand, keep brand integrity in tact and motivate your people to continue improving.

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