Introducing Dashboards 

5 April 2018

Introducing Dashboards: A new opportunity for you to customize your learner's experience. Build and design unique learner Dashboards which highlight key content, improve navigation, and increase learner engagement inside the app.

See what's new here.

Your users must be running Zunos 5.2 or above on iOS and Version 1.1 or above on the Google Play Store in order to see your new Dashboards. 

Achievements on Zunos 5.1

13 November 2017

Achievements in Zunos 5.1 just got a lot better (and a lot more fun). With this latest release, our learners can collect badges for each achievement they complete, and show off those badges with pride by pinning them to their profile. Just like a trophy in a trophy case, each achievement badge earned is put on display for all to see.

Take a closer look at how you can build Achievements that your users can collect and pin to their profile in our best practice and advice article.

Zunos 5.1 - Achievements

Zunos 5.0 is here

20 September 2017

Introducing Courses: our newest feature to enhance your training programs. Structure your content and quizzes into microlearning courses modern learners will love.

We've also optimized the app for iOS 11 and the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Learn more about courses and iOS compatibility here.

Zunos 5.0 Coming Soon

10 September 2017

Zunos 5.0 is on its way!

With this update, we're refreshing the look of our app, and adding a brand new feature: Zunos Courses.

Courses helps organizations leverage the advantages of microlearning by delivering new knowledge in bite-sized pieces, designed for maximum retention. With Zunos Courses, you can structure your content and quizzes into modules designed to guide learners through your program in sequential order.

In addition to Courses, we'll be adding support for iOS 11. Here is a sneak peek at what's to come in Zunos 5.0:

  • Multi-tasking & drag and drop support for iPad
  • Fresh new look for iOS 11
  • Password AutoFill

Introducing Smart Groups

10 July 2017

Gone are the days of running and filtering reports and then creating groups to target specific users. 

With new Smart Groups in Zunos, you can filter users based on any combination of specific program requirements such as: users who haven't logged in yet, or haven't viewed an item of content. Check out our blog post on Smart Groups to see what else is new!

For more information, read the Smart Groups knowledge base article here.

Introducing Improved Events

10 July 2017

Save time and cut your work load in half with improved Events. With a completely new interface and more features to help you manage your events from start to finish, managing events in Zunos has never been easier.

New features include: the ability to schedule automated messages to your attendees at different stages of the event workflow, a new list and calendar view which improves navigation and management of numerous events.

We could go on, but it's a humongous update, so check out the blog post we created on Events to see what's new!

You'll also find up-to-date knowledge base articles if you need assistance getting used to the new look & changes.

Zunos 4.6 Highlights

29 June 2017

With the release of Zunos 4.6 in the App Store, users can now receive immediate feedback on Quizzes to reinforce correct answers or explain incorrect answers!

Administrators add feedback in the Admin Portal ahead of time, when they create a Quiz. You can send your users a “Congratulations” for a correct answer, and explain why other options are incorrect.

If your users understand why their answers are right or wrong, they are more likely to turn that data into knowledge and retain it for the long-term.

Zunos 4.6 is available on the App Store today.

Zunos 4.5 Highlights

9 May 2017

Users will experience more on Zunos 4.5, with richer notifications and in-app quiz prompts from content.

Push notifications now have more details and are actionable with 3D touch.

New banners will appear inside content notifying users when there are quizzes to complete. Banners will link users directly to the associated quiz in a single tap.

Zunos 4.5 is available on the App Store today.

Introducing Custom Fields in Zunos

7 April 2017

The new Custom Fields functionality lets you create additional fields to collect data that is unique to your business.

When you use Custom Fields, it ensures that everything you create or distribute in Zunos is organized, relevant and easier to find in the Admin Portal and on the App. It also means you can target users with messages, content and materials based on their newly added attributes.

Custom Fields can be added to Media, Libraries, Forms, Messages, Quizzes, Achievements, Events, Users, and Registration Portals. To start using this new feature, read the Custom Fields knowledge base article.

Zunos 4.4 Highlights

14 March 2017

In version 4.4 of Zunos, you can find all your content via iOS Search.

With iOS Search, you can look up your recently viewed content, forms and quizzes by pulling down on the homescreen to bring up iOS Search. Type in the name of your content and it will instantly show your files or activities, tap again to open in Zunos.


Zunos and Box Integration

13 March 2017

Zunos is now integrated with Box, one of the top cloud file storage and sharing solutions!

This integration will make it easier to maintain version control and allows you to spend less time managing content between Box and Zunos. This is the first of many integrations that we have planned with more amazing apps!

Administrators who currently manage documents within Box will be able to share the files through libraries in Zunos Drive when they integrate. For detailed steps on how to integrate, see our knowledge base article.

Zunos 4.3 Highlights

14 February 2017

When new users download Zunos for the first time they will receive a 5-slide introduction to the app. We've also simplified the user onboarding process to ensure a much smoother experience for first time users.

This will assist new users on Zunos by showing them how to get the most out of the app, and helping them log in easily for the first time.

Zunos 4.3 is now available on the App Store.

Public Registration

25 January 2017

Admins can now automate team onboarding by creating a customized registration page in Zunos.

This will not only save time and hassle of collecting and importing user data but it will also help broadcast Zunos among employees or partners.

The Registration page has multiple settings to tailor your onboarding experience. You can validate email domains to ensure that only your employees join, collect custom data and automate the registration process. To learn more about creating a public registration page, read our knowledge base article.


Achievement Builder

9 January 2017

The Achievement builder is now live!

Drive your users behaviour and increase engagement with Achievements. With a dramatically improved user interface admins can now create achievements in the admin portal without fuss.

Check out the new user interface, feature enhancements include the ability to add virtual rewards, order tasks and track your users progress.

achievements builder


Coming Soon - Achievement Builder

20 December 2016

Achievements are a fantastic way to guide users through a learning path, using gamification to recognize and reward those who are engaged. We know designing these learning paths can be a daunting task for anyone, so we are working on making it simpler than ever. We can’t wait to unveil it soon!

With the new Achievement Builder you will be able to create complex learning paths in a fraction of the time. The new interface shows a clearer picture of your achievements and overall goals.

Here are some of the changes you can look forward to in the new year:



Content Creator

15 December 2016

We've added the ability to create interactive, mobile-compatible content in Zunos.

Admins can now create a new content page in the admin portal via Zunos Drive. Create a new page from scratch or use a template to build out interactive newsletters, internal updates, internal learning material and more. It's a simple and cost effective way to share engaging content throughout your Zunos community. Content pages can be attached to quizzes and linked from messages and emails sent out from Zunos.

Watch the content creator in action

Zunos 4.2 Highlights

1 December 2016

We've made it easier and faster to check you are up to date with the latest information in Zunos by bringing the engagement progress bar to the widgets on all iOS devices.

Swipe right to open the Today View or 3D Touch the app to view your status and decide whether you need to launch the app. Apply more pressure on your touch (3D Touch) on the Zunos App and a new widget will appear in the menu showing your progress bar. If the progress bar is green and full, you are up to date in Zunos. If the bar is yellow, you still have some activities to complete in the app. Simply tap on the widget to launch the app and complete the activities.

Read more about the changes in this Knowledge Base Article:

Watch the engagement widget in action

Coming Soon - Content Creator

30 November 2016

The Content Creator give admins the ability to create interactive, mobile compatible content. For a job that usually requires a number of resources, technical skills and additional software subscriptions across the business, Zunos has the answer.

Using a simple drag and drop builder Admins will be able to add images, text and widgets to sleek, beautifully designed templates, creating compelling, bite size chunks of information at the speed the information is made available.

If you're an admin, apply today by emailing for exclusive access to the beta.

Read more about this feature in this knowledge base article:


Share Ideas with Forums

17 November 2016

We've recently added the ability to share information with your team members within Zunos via a feature called Forums. Forums gives users a simple way to discuss their ideas or share something valuable with a team they rarely get to see face to face.

Admins can enable the functionality by contacting us, once it's enabled you can begin by creating a topic or two in the Admin Portal. Users should look for the Forums icon on the home engagement dashboard. In forums, tap on a forum topic and share ideas or information with your team by writing a response. You can post images, like other people's responses and favourite topics that are important to you.

Read more about forums in the following articles:


Zunos 4.1 Highlights

1 November 2016

We've added the ability to 3D Touch in Zunos. On the iOS home screen, 3D Touch on the Zunos App by applying more pressure on your touch and a menu will appear, quickly launch the app directly into Content or Forms.

Use the same action when opening a file to preview it first (this is called 'peeking'), then push down again to open the file in a separate window (this is called 'popping'). You can peek at and pop into form drafts and images in forum topics as well.

Read more about 3D touch and how it works in the following articles:


3D Touch

Peek & Pop

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