Everything you need to inspire your people to achieve more.



Engage employees from day one.

Author engaging content that your people will want to interact with. Deliver targeted information on an easy to use platform designed to give the learner a great experience.



Inspire your people.

Encourage your people to engage in friendly competition with themselves and each other. Encourage them to return daily to make sure they stay on top.



Recognize the top players.

Motivate your people to interact with content, collaborate with their peers and achieve goals. Watch them climb the Leaderboard and earn rewards as they hit new milestones.


Around 70% of workplace initiatives fail due to lack of engagement. Companies that use Zunos have more than doubled engagement in a matter of days.

Zunos' drag and drop Content Creator lets administrators create and deliver engaging learning materials in a matter of minutes. Our platform prioritizes design and user experience so your learners return every day for more.

Customizable dashboards in Zunos show your learners their current engagement level and how they can improve.


Lack of motivation leads to unfocused, disgruntled employees. Motivating your people with recognition alone can boost performance 44%.

Zunos is a gamified platform that motivates your employees to engage in friendly competition. Zunos utilizes Leaderboards to show how your learners rank against each other, and encourages them to outperform themselves and their peers.

Learning Pathways and Achievements in Zunos lay out clear objectives and prioritize the steps learners need to take in order to reach their goals.


Boosting morale and providing public recognition are higher motivators for most employees than monetary incentives.

Zunos utilizes a combination of Virtual Badges and Physical Prizes to reward your learners’ progress. As your employees interact with content, take quizzes and participate in Forums, they will unlock Virtual Badges and climb the Leaderboard.

Administrators can also offer custom prizes or bonuses to motivate and reward top performers.


Micro Learning. Macro Results.

Bite Sized

Bite Sized

Deliver information in small pieces.

Don't overwhelm your people with information overload. Instead, deliver information in small pieces - proven by science to be more effective for retention.

Continuous Learning


Make learning a habit.

Create a schedule a training program that is automatically pushed to your people when they need to see it. Make learning a daily habit they will look forward to.

Spaced Learning


Reinforce information regularly.

Turn data into knowledge and cement knowledge in long term memory. Reinforce microlearning with less frequent events or courses designed to be consumed over longer periods of time.


People forget 50% of information they've learned within one hour. Delivering training and education in bite-sized pieces boosts knowledge retention by 20% or more.

Zunos utilizes microlearning techniques to deliver education in bite-sized, digestible pieces. Push miniature courses your people can engage with in a matter of minutes. Test understanding and retention with short quizzes, and reiterate knowledge with follow-up content.

Microlearning allows your learners to transform data into knowledge, and store that information in their long-term memory so it can be recalled later in real world scenarios.


Employees must engage in continuous learning in order to stay up to date as technology advances and processes change.

Zunos is a platform designed to deliver long-term learning to employees who want and expect opportunities for personal development and professional advancement. Create an entire learning series in advance and schedule delivery through Zunos, or push information as soon as it is available.

With Zunos, your learners will come to expect continuous learning opportunities and look forward to engaging with them daily.


Microlearning and bite-sized courses are made more effective when reiterated by more intensified spaced learning sessions.

Zunos' Events feature lets administrators plan virtual and in-person events that act as short, educational boot camps for your learners. From invitation to attendance tracking to logistics planning, Zunos is a one-stop shop for organizing any event.

Coordinate a product launch, plan an information meeting or organize an entire conference all through the Zunos platform.


Engaging Training That Goes Anywhere.



Communicate with your mobile workforce.

Push content to your people wherever they are in the world, on mobile or on desktop. Use email or push notifications to bring new information to their attention.



Equip people to learn anywhere, anytime.

Make it easy for your people to access content and learn faster. Equip them with information that is never more than a few taps away at any moment.



Receive feedback from your people.

Use quick surveys to gain valuable feedback from your learners. Adapt to any challenge that arises quickly by addressing them in real time.


Communication breakdown between the highest levels of an organization and the customer-facing employees can lead to chaos and confusion.

Zunos gives organizations a direct line of communication to its people. Deliver targeted information directly to learners' mobile devices or desktop via push notification or email.

Ditch long email chains and bulky Learning Management Systems for direct communication. Build trust by reaching your people with communications that are meaningful to getting their job done.


People who are informed and up to date with your brand are 40% more effective in front of customers than employees who are not as educated.

Zunos' mobile-first approach puts information at your employees fingertips. Make content available in Libraries so your users can recall it with just a few taps.

Empower your people with continuous and spaced learning so they are always up to the minute on information information regarding your brand, products and processes.


Employees are more satisfied with their job when they know their opinions matter and their managers can be responsive.

Zunos utilizes Forums and Surveys to open up a line of communication from employees back up the ladder. Forums give your people a place to ask and answer questions, engaging with each other to become more knowledgeable. Surveys allow learners to communicate the best and most challenging parts of your Zunos program.

Listen to your employees through Forums and Surveys to create the best learning experience possible.

Meet Zunos

Traditional corporate training and eLearning solutions are broken. They’re outdated, ineffective and focused on compliance rather than knowledge retention.

Zunos is a digital learning platform designed for the modern workforce, delivering engaging training anytime, anywhere. We use scientific teaching methods like microlearning and gamification to help you build a smarter workforce. Zunos is more than your average LMS. It’s a corporate learning solution that focuses on providing engaging experiences for the learner, and an easy to use platform.

We understand that the success of your business depends on the success of your greatest asset: your people.

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