Mobile Learning Platform

A Learning Management System for the modern business

Take employee training to the next level with a learning platform for mobile, modern businesses. Upload and create content with just a few clicks, then deliver that content through our mobile or web app that is beautifully designed and easy to use. Motivate your people to learn every day, on an app they will actually enjoy using.

Mobile Learning Platform

Simple Set-Up

Simple Set-Up

Get up and running with ease

Quick, seamless set-up so you can start reaching your people faster.

Engaging Learner Experience

Engaging Learner Experience

Engage your people from day one

Ditch your bulky LMS for a tool that engages people fast.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Track learning and development

Stay up to date with how your people are learning and engaging with content.

Get up and running with ease

Upload your existing training materials into Zunos with just a few clicks. Author new content in a matter of minutes with our drag and drop builder. Create entire microlearning courses with ease.

  • Upload existing content with just a few clicks
  • Drag and drop authoring tool makes content creation a breeze
  • Utilize pre-built templates
  • Access to tutorials, help articles and customer service teams


Simple Setup Mobile Learning Plaform
Engaging Mobile Learning Platform

Engage your people from day one

Companies that use Zunos have more than doubled engagement in a matter of days. Your organization can get the same results. Teach with scientifically-proven microlearning methods, motivate with gamification and boost engagement with a mobile LMS employees love.

  • Mobile and desktop compatible, online and offline
  • Encourage competition with gamification and Leaderboards
  • Inspire with achievements and virtual rewards
  • In-app messages and email alerts makes communicating easy
Engaging Mobile Learning Platform

Track progress with real-time reports

View beautifully designed reports that show overall engagement at a glance, or drill down into detailed data. Help your people learn more by understanding how they are progressing through their training program.

  • Beautifully designed reports
  • Delivered on demand, in real time
  • Get a broad overview at a glance
  • Drill down into detailed data
Track progress with real-time reports
Mobile learning platform

Why Zunos?

Zunos is an easy-to-use, and engaging mobile learning platform built to help organizations keep employees up to date and always improving. Onboard new members, push bite-sized courses, deliver training, and track progress all from a single app.

Reach your people with ease, on desktop or on mobile. Teach them using proven microlearning techniques, and keep them engaged with gamification. Welcome to the learning platform your people will actually want to use.

Mobile learning platform

We successfully launched our accreditation program and saw an increase in the level of knowledge of users in the channel.

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  • Native iPhone
  • Native iPad
  • Other Smartphones (Web App)
  • Other Tablets (Web App)
  • Desktop


  • Employee Training
  • Quizzes
  • Blended Learning
  • Testing / Assessments
  • Content Authoring


  • Certifications
  • Badges Management
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards Management