Microlearning + Gamification

Empower and motivate your people to learn daily

Your employees are working in a competitive world, where continuous learning is necessary for personal and professional advancement. Utilize proven learning methods like microlearning and gamification to increase knowledge retention and motivate people to learn every day.

Bite-sized Learning

Bite-Sized Learning

Maximize knowledge retention with bit-sized courses.

Microlearning is proven to improve knowledge retention rates. Deliver your training in bite-sized pieces so that your people can engage with information and retain it for the long term. Reiterate content regularly so data can transform into knowledge.

Continuous Growth

Continuous Growth

Deliver consistent education for long-term development.

Education does not and should not stop after initial training. Continue educating your entire workforce with targeted, relevant information so they are always up to date. Provide opportunities to improve regularly so your employees stay hungry to advance.



Give your people incentive to learn and grow daily.

Encourage your employees to engage in friendly competition with themselves and each other. Motivate your people to interact with content, collaborate with their peers and achieve goals so they can climb the Leaderboard, earn rewards and receive peer recognition.

Bite-sized Learning

People forget half of what they learn within a single hour. By the next day, they barely retain a sliver of the information.

Microlearning techniques are proven to improve knowledge retention by 20% or more. Push bite-sized courses through Zunos that learners can interact with in just a few minutes. Follow those courses up with quizzes to gauge the level of understanding.

Reiterate information several times with follow-up courses to transform data into knowledge, and solidify information in long-term memory.

Continuous Growth

Modern day employees consider growth and development opportunities one of the top benefits they seek in a career. If your organization does not provide educational opportunities, your best talent will leave you for companies that do.

Deliver consistent and continuous growth opportunities so your employees stay up to date and improving at all times. Build long-term training and educational programs through Zunos that give your people daily insights into how they are improving.

Plan and schedule entire courses ahead of time to take pressure off your administration. Or deliver information on-demand as soon as it becomes available.



Almost 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement. That means employees do not have the motivation they need to see their organization succeed.

Give your people incentive to learn and grow daily through our gamified platform. Build learning pathways so your people know what tasks take priority, and follow steps to success in an order that keeps them up to date always.

Make progress visible by using Leaderboards so your employees can compete with each other and with themselves to stay on top. Award your employees virtual badges and/or physical rewards as they engage with content and their peers.

Meet Zunos

Traditional corporate training and eLearning solutions are broken. They’re outdated, ineffective and focused on compliance rather than knowledge retention.

Zunos is a digital learning platform designed for the modern workforce, delivering engaging training anytime, anywhere. We use scientific teaching methods like microlearning and gamification to help you build a smarter workforce. Zunos is more than your average LMS. It’s a corporate learning solution that focuses on providing engaging experiences for the learner, and an easy to use platform.

We understand that the success of your business depends on the success of your greatest asset: your people.

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