Create or Upload Microlearning content

Create Engaging Content

Build microlearning courses

Easily upload existing content or create new content.

Mobile app or desktop learning. Device compatible.

Mobile App and Web Platform

Easy learning on mobile, or desktop.

Deliver learning to your people wherever, whenever.


Engaging Learning Experience

Motivate with meaningful rewards

Encourage your people to engage in friendly competition.

Create microlearning courses

Build training courses with ease by uploading your existing content, or creating something new with our drag and drop builder. Utilize our microlearning platform to design courses in bite-sized pieces, so your people can learn and retain more.

  • Upload existing content
  • Create content in our drag and drop builder
  • Design courses in bite-sized pieces
  • Utilize microlearning for maximum retention
Microlearning mobile app and desktop platform

Deliver training to your people

Send your microlearning courses to your employees with just a few clicks. Reach your people with new content anytime, on any device. Notify employees with messages, emails, or push notifications when new information is available.

  • Deliver courses to mobile and desktop
  • Target your training to specific groups
  • Notify with email, in-app messages, and push notifications
  • Empower employees to learn online and offline
Microlearning mobile app and desktop platform

Inspire your people to improve

Give your employees something to work for every day. Keep them coming back so they can learn and improve continuously.

  • Gamify your training program
  • Set up Leaderboards to encourage competition
  • Plan program milestones with courses and achievements
  • Earn achievements or virtual rewards to add to your trophy cabinet
Zunos - Microlearning platform

Why Zunos?

Zunos is a microlearning platform built to help organizations keep their employees up to date and learning every day. Onboard new members, push bite-sized courses, deliver training, keep your people engaged, all from a single system.

Reach your people wherever they are, on any device, with content intended to communicate knowledge for retention.

Zunos - Microlearning platform

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