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Engagement and knowledge retention are hard things to measure. Zunos makes it easy. Gain valuable insights in real time as your employees advance through your educational materials. Make adjustments quickly so your corporate training program is always at its best.


Learner Engagement

90% Learner Engagement

Take your team from un-engaged to hungry for more.

Zunos is a mobile-first, gamified platform designed to deliver a consumer-grade experience. Ditch bulky Learning Management Systems for a sleek app that prioritizes the learner experience. Increase learner engagement across your entire team up to 90%. Watch as your people return daily, hungry to learn more.

Knowledge Retention

20% More Knowledge Retention

Educate your people for long-term results.

Microlearning techniques are proven to boost knowledge retention among learners by 20% or more. Zunos puts a stop to information overload and replaces it with courses delivered in bite-sized pieces. Help your learners transform data into knowledge and commit it to long-term memory.

Learner Engagement

Engaging your people is no longer an option, it's a requirement. If your organization does not engage its workforce, your talent will leave for a company that does.

Employees in the modern workplace want to see their job has purpose. They value opportunities for personal and professional advancement, and will not settle for an employer who offers less.

Utilizing microlearning techniques and gamification through Zunos is proven to improve learner engagement exponentially and immediately. Don't wait to see a return on your investment. Zunos allows you to track and measure employee engagement using beautifully designed reports available in real time.


Increase Knowledge Retention

People forget 50% of information an hour after they learn it. A day later, they only retain a sliver of that information. Microlearning and gamification through Zunos can boost knowledge retention 20% or more.

Corporate education is at its best when it's delivered in bite-sized pieces, then reiterated with continuous and spaced learning. Create and deliver learning programs through Zunos designed to help your people transform data into knowledge and commit that knowledge to long-term memory.

When your employees are empowered with knowledge, they are empowered to propel themselves and your company forward.

Meet Zunos

Traditional corporate training and eLearning solutions are broken. They’re outdated, ineffective and focused on compliance rather than knowledge retention.

Zunos is a digital learning platform designed for the modern workforce, delivering engaging training anytime, anywhere. We use scientific teaching methods like microlearning and gamification to help you build a smarter workforce. Zunos is more than your average LMS. It’s a corporate learning solution that focuses on providing engaging experiences for the learner, and an easy to use platform.

We understand that the success of your business depends on the success of your greatest asset: your people.

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Zunos has allowed us to systemise every component of our programs for internal and external use to take advantage of rich content, accreditations, support, national leaderboards, rewarding gamification and engagement reporting to deliver an amazing and beautiful customer experience alongside a simplistic and powerful administrative back end.