Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Make corporate education easily accesible.

Push content to your employees’ mobile devices so they can learn on their own time. Deliver full Zunos training courses on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Make content available for recall so your people can access it anywhere and when they need it most.

On Demand

On Demand

Make corporate education convenient.

Deliver content immediately, or schedule it in advance so your administrators can plan ahead. Notify your learners via push notification and/or email when new important information is available, so they can interact with it when their schedule allows.

Intuitive & Interactive

Intuitive & Interactive

Make corporate education enjoyable.

Create content in a matter of minutes that will look great on any screen or device. Easily add multi-media content that your learners will want to interact with. Use microlearning techniques and deliver your content in bite-sized pieces for maximum retention.

Mobile Learning

Traditional corporate structure is fundamentally changing. Thanks to technology, we have more mobile, remote and field workers across all industries than ever before, and those numbers are only increasing.

If the structure of your workplace is changing, the structure of corporate learning also must change. Empower your people to learn anywhere, anytime, by delivering educational content through Zunos to the devices they are using. Put the power to learn in their hands, so they can incorporate training into their own schedule at a time that is convenient for them.

Zunos prioritizes the learner experience by focusing on design and user friendly functionality. When your educational tools are easy to access and enjoyable to use, your people will make time to use them.


Creating and delivering educational materials can be difficult and time consuming for your administrators. Likewise, your employees struggle to prioritize training when their jobs are already demanding and their schedules packed full.

Zunos makes it easier for your administrators to create and deliver training on-demand. Use our drag and drop builder to make engaging content in a matter of minutes, with no technical expertise needed. Schedule full courses ahead of time and automate delivery so you can set it and forget it.

Free your employees to participate in training on their own time. Push content in bite-sized pieces so your people can engage for a few minutes at a time, at their own convenience.


Intuitive and Interactive

One of the number one killers of training engagement is boring, irrelevant educational materials. Create and deliver visually engaging content that your employees will want to interact with.

Utilize our pre-built templates to make beautifully designed learning content in a matter of minutes, or upload your existing training content into your Zunos program. -Give your materials a facelift so your training program appears up to date and on brand.

Your learners will prioritize participating in your training programs if you show that you’ve prioritized creating them. Intuitive design and interactive content indicates the material at hand is important and should be taken seriously.

Meet Zunos

Traditional corporate training and eLearning solutions are broken. They’re outdated, ineffective and focused on compliance rather than knowledge retention.

Zunos is a digital learning platform designed for the modern workforce, delivering engaging training anytime, anywhere. We use scientific teaching methods like microlearning and gamification to help you build a smarter workforce. Zunos is more than your average LMS. It’s a corporate learning solution that focuses on providing engaging experiences for the learner, and an easy to use platform.

We understand that the success of your business depends on the success of your greatest asset: your people.

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Zunos has a unique ability to enable users like never before, through immersive content and accreditation quizzes we have seen a huge up skill in our teams abilities and confidence in their roles.