Creating better training is quick and easy with Zunos

Your people need better training, and that starts with the information you give them. Build beautiful programs without any technical experience or design background. Update what you have, borrow what's already out there, and create your own content. Keep it all in one place so you can access it easily to make updates and keep content fresh.

Upload your existing training content

Don’t ditch the content you already have, just make it better. Goodbye, boring PDFs and outdated content. Take your existing content and transform it into something beautiful. Simply upload your existing content, images, and videos, then add them into built-in templates. Make it your own with branded colors and company logos.

Curate information from the web

There are loads of valuable information online. No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your training. Pull from industry leaders, scholarly articles and reported data that would be beneficial for your employee training. Curate TED Talks, YouTube tutorials, webinars and more. Then, add this information straight into your Zunos program.

Create your own content from scratch

When you have the right tools, creating your own content is easy. Drag and drop text, images, and videos into pre-built templates in a matter of seconds. Combine relevant content into cohesive courses in order to keep your content organized for your learners.

Producing effective training content doesn't have to be hard.

See how simple content creation can be with Zunos.