Create brand champions

Create space in a crowded market and beat out the competition. You’ve created the best product out there. Now it’s sitting on a shelf, waiting for someone to pick it up. Sales associates are in a position to sell, but they don’t have the knowledge or motivation to recommend your brand over the next. How is your product ever going to win a customer?




Educate employees whenever

Author, manage and distribute content, courses and quizzes anytime, anywhere.



Inspire your people to learn

Encourage your people to engage in friendly competition and to continuously improve.



Track results and gain insight

Get the in-depth information you need to help your company succeed.

Educate employees whenever

Streamline your communication and education on a single app with Zunos. We make it simple to author and repurpose engaging training content with just a few clicks.  

  • Boost retention with Microlearning
  • Track results and with Reports
  • Target training to specific sales teams
  • Mobile and desktop compatible

Get the most out of your sales team training with Zunos today. Start your free trial.

Inspire your people to improve

Create a gamified learning experience by setting milestones and encouraging friendly competition as your people continue to learn each day.

  • Live Leaderboards encourage competition
  • Set program milestones
  • Earn achievements or virtual rewards
  • Scientific learning methods that work

Learn how to gamify your sales training and inspire your people to improve daily with the help of Zunos.

Track results and gain insight

Track results using Reports and gain insight into how your sales associates are learning and retaining information. Receive and offer instant feedback to ensure your training content, courses and quizzes are effective and engaging.

  • Gain valuable insights with Surveys
  • Peer communication available with forums
  • Track quiz results with Reports
  • Deliver instant feedback to your sales teams

Give your sales associates the tools they need to be their best with Zunos. Let's get started.



  • Employee Training
  • Microlearning
  • Blended Learning
  • Quizzes / Assessments
  • Content Authoring


  • Certifications
  • Badges Management
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards Management


  • Scheduling
  • Attachments
  • Branded Templates
  • Internal Forum
  • Push Notifications