What if you could easily reach, educate and motivate those sales associates to sell your brand over any other? With Zunos, you can.


Reach and Educate


You can’t communicate with and train your sales associates easily. Email is unreliable. Social media is too crowded. Traditional training methods are boring and broken.

Zunos streamlines communication and education on a single app, designed to be easy and engaging for all learners. We make it simple to author or repurpose engaging training content, then deliver that content to your sales associates on their mobile device or desktop. Utilizing microlearning, we help your associates turn information into knowledge and retain that knowledge for the long term. It’s corporate education that works.


Motivate and Reward


Your sales associates have no incentive to push your product over the next. They are underinformed and lack loyalty to your brand and products.

Zunos is a gamified platform, created to motivate learners to return every day to engage and learn something new. We make it enjoyable to interact with your brand, so that your sales associates are always on the lookout for updates. Utilizing leaderboards, virtual badges and tangible prizes, we provide an environment where friendly competition propels associates to continually improve on their own goals, and challenge their peers.


Get Results


Your insight into what is resonating with your sales associates and what isn’t is limited. Your people are spread out, and you don’t have the tools to gather meaningful information.

Zunos tracks your results and relays them back to you via beautifully designed reports in real time. At any moment, you can see which of your sales associates are winning, and which are struggling. Utilizing forums and surveys, you can gain valuable information about which parts of your content and training programs are successful and which need work. What used to take months or years to decipher and change, can now be improved on the spot.


Author engaging content and correlating quizzes to track how your people are learning and retaining information.

Design training in just a few minutes. Embed content for a more interactive experience. Give your people resources to refer back to your content so they can learn by seeking out information rather than guessing. Whether they are on mobile or desktop, information will be accessible at their fingertips.

Track quiz scores and trends to see what content needs to be adjusted for better knowledge communication and more meaningful employee training.

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Encourage your people to participate in friendly competition with each other, and continue to challenge themselves through gamification.

Use Leaderboards to motivate people to stay up to date and moving ahead constantly.

Make progress visible with our Engagement Dashboard, so your employees can see what tasks they need to complete and what content they need to engage with in order to move up the Leaderboard and reach new milestones.

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  • Employee Training
  • Microlearning
  • Blended Learning
  • Quizzes / Assessments
  • Content Authoring


  • Certifications
  • Badges Management
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards Management


  • Scheduling
  • Attachments
  • Branded Templates
  • Internal Forum
  • Push Notifications

Why Zunos?

Zunos is a gamified learning management platform designed to motivate your channel sales associates to level up every day. Create engaging learning content and assessments with our built-in authoring tool and deliver that content in bite-sized pieces. Push that content straight to the people who need to see it via mobile push notifications, in-app messages or email so that it’s right at their fingertips.

Motivate your channel and partners to engage with your content, take quizzes and collaborate with one another on forums. Reward sales associates and partners with virtual and physical rewards that will have them returning daily. Watch them climb the Leaderboard and reach achievements as they become brand champions.

Mobile Workforce

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