Have you been paying close attention to the world around you? It’s rapidly changing. Technology is leading us down a road untraveled into a new industrial age, and with it comes new challenges.

For the modern business, it’s crucial to be armed with the right tools in order to keep up. That’s why we exist. To make sure your business and your employees have what they need in order to stay in stride with the changing world.

It’s for this reason, we take learning seriously. We keep our eyes peeled for new insight into industry changes and thought leaders who can shed light on business and learning. Time and time again we return to Heather McGowan, a powerhouse speaker in the education and technology fields.

What Heather McGowan has to say

McGowan stresses that people need to change their perception of education when it comes to preparing for the workforce. The traditional path of learning to work no longer exists. We pretend that basic education prepares us for modern business, but that’s not the case when technology and innovation consistently push us forward. Rather than learning to work, McGowan states we must work to learn, in order to stay relevant.

So, how do you make sure you put learning first? Here are three tips from McGowan’s research we find useful to help navigate the changing learning landscapes.

1. Prepare yourself (and your business) for disruptions

The days of owning one career path in your lifespan are over. Technology is tearing through the world causing all sorts of disruptions. Jobs available today, in due time, will become obsolete and in their place will be jobs that don’t even exist yet. This reality is extremely elusive, making it hard to prepare for it. It starts with a mindset. Accept that rapid career and job description changes are inevitable and disruptions caused by technology advancements will be the new normal.

2. Get some Grit

Disruptions will arise and knock you and your business off course. The question is will you bounce back or throw in the towel? The only choice you have is to harness a little grit and reinvent yourself and your business. You can tackle this problem with a a learning-first philosophy. Whenever digital transformation sweeps in causing change, educate yourself and adapt to the change. Get ready to do this time and again throughout your lifetime.

3. Make learning priority one

Sound familiar? That’s because this is the foundation for keeping up with change. Becoming a life-long learner will be the prerequisite for any type of success in business. Without it, you’ll fall behind as others who take education seriously pass you by. When building knowledge is your first priority, you’ll have the tools to stay at the top of your game, be able to adapt to disruptions, and reinvent yourself throughout your career.


Welcome to a world where the only constant you’ll experience is change. As overwhelming as this may be, we’re here to help. We have the tools to ensure you and your people aren't left in the dust. Want to learn more? Start a free trial of Zunos today, to see how an engaging microlearning platform like Zunos can boost your staff learning.






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