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Keeping your people aligned
shouldn't be this difficult.

That's why we built Zunos!


What is Zunos?

Zunos is a communications platform designed to keep people aligned and effective with the knowledge they need to be successful.

We help teams and companies of all sizes adapt to the challenges a modern, mobile environment brings. Our platform ensures companies can reach, enable and listen to their people, when together and apart.

Zunos is a communication platform for companies to:


Communicate with your people - gain mind-share, organize events and encourage engagement when together and apart.

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Empower your people - combine compelling learning programs and collaborative discussion with tools that transform the learner into the presenter.

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Hear your people - leverage surveys, polls and forms to establish a feedback loop and an avenue for receiving valuable information.

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Understand your people - turn engagement and activity measurement into insight and new knowledge, with beautifully designed reporting for instant communication.

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The Platform

Don't let scaling challenges hold you back!
We bring all our products seamlessly together, in one place,
with no limit on content.

Multiple audiences or groups to align?
Link multiple instances together into a hierarchy and share centrally
managed resources. Curate by audience, schedule and publish
across team, geography and timezone with full visibility
over every engagement event.

Accessible on phone, tablet and desktop.

From Fortune 50 to SME, companies all over the world trust Zunos to keep their people aligned and effective in a modern, mobile world.

37 Countries

Helping companies reach their people globally.

22 Languages

Enabling people in 22 languages.

1,955,032 Level-Ups

Empowering people to level up!


Interested in discussing how you can better communicate with and align your people?

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