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Keeping your people aligned
shouldn't be this difficult.

That's why we built Zunos!


What is Zunos

Zunos is a communication platform that helps teams and companies of all sizes adapt to the challenges a modern, mobile environment brings.

With Zunos, companies can Reach, Teach and Listen to their people, when together and apart.

Zunos is a communication platform for companies to:



Communicate with your people - create, curate and convey your content, to gain mind share and drive engagement.



Educate your people - deliver self paced and continuous learning programs, that engage and empower.


Hear your people - deliver surveys and forums for quality feedback, insights and improvements.



Derive insights and new knowledge - track and report engagement, with complete visibility.


All of our products work together, in one place: onboard users, link multiple instances, create unlimited content.

Curate by audience, schedule and publish across team, geography and timezone with full reporting for every engagement event.

Accessible on phone, tablet and desktop.




Some of the companies who trust Zunos to keep their people aligned and effective in a modern, mobile world.



Why Zunos?

Zunos recognizes that there is no better way to communicate with and align a group of people than being in the same room. With the advance of technology and change in culture, people are becoming increasingly more mobile and dispersed, expecting to remain effective whenever and wherever they are. Tackling this with old technology; or new technology with old methods doesn't work.

Our Solution?
Zunos allows you to communicate with and align your people without having to constantly bring them in the same room. A single platform where you can reach, teach and listen to your people while they are remote, and also use it to be more effective when together.

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